A New Specialty: Counseling for New Moms in Austin

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sofa_chair_sm2In a way, my private practice is set up selfishly.

Yeah, I know it seems like a contradiction in terms—I’m a therapist, and I’m passionate about helping others.

And given that I’ve struggled with being a people-pleaser most of my life, other people’s needs have almost always figured front and center for me.

(That’s a big part of what people-pleasing is all about—getting crowded out of your own life by the needs and feelings of others.)

So how does being selfish figure in?

Being a selfish therapist

looking glassBeing in private practice lets me choose who I work with.

And because I get to choose, I often work with people whose struggles and stories somehow mirror my own.

Of course, it’s a mutual sort of choosing that goes on.

My clients seek me out first, they set up the free consultation where we first meet.

And they ultimately get to decide if we’ll be working together.

But I have the privilege of choosing a specialty.

I get to paint my message wide across my business, in a sort of “Hi, there!  I see you!  Things are rough right now, huh?  Let’s sort it through together!” way.

And I get to work with people who make my heart sing.  There’s a very true joy to helping others who are suffering with things you know and care about deeply.

That’s why my latest specialization reflects the newest, confusing-est chapter of my life to this point:  motherhood, mental health, and self-care.

So, I’m starting to develop another specialty in my practice–counseling new moms in Austin.

Counseling for New Moms in Austin

I want to work with new moms in Austin.

If you’re interested in learning more, send me an email or set up a free consultation and we can talk more about it.

If you’re struggling with feeling overwhelmed, depressed or anxious after the birth of your baby, I’d like to help you.

Whether you’re two weeks or two years postpartum,

you deserve support.

More to come over the next few weeks about this new chapter.

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