Collaborations in Austin, Texas & Beyond

I am lucky to have a rich lineage of learning and have been fortunate to collaborate with some incredibly talented researchers, therapists, schools, and practices in my career thus far.  Here are some of my professional collaborations from the last 15 years, ordered from oldest to most recent.

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Drew Westen, PhD

Department of Psychology | 36 Eagle Row |  Emory University  |  Atlanta, Georgia   30322

I was a research assistant and lab coordinator from 2002-2005 in Dr. Drew Westen’s Lab of Personality and Psychopathology.  I helped with the grant application process and collection of data for four multi-million dollar grants with NIMH studying childhood trauma and the impact of political bias on presidential elections.

Dr. Bekh Bradley-Davino, now Chief of the Mental Health Service Line at the Atlanta VA Medical Center, was also a valued mentor and teacher of mine in this lab.  I wrote and defended an undergraduate honor’s thesis looking at the impact of childhood sexual abuse on teen girls in 2004.

Kenneth N. Levy, PhD

362 Bruce V. Moore Building   |   University Park, Pennsylvania  16802

I was a graduate student studying clinical psychology at Penn State from 2005-2007 and saw my first therapy clients in the counseling clinic there.  In this program, I studied under Dr. Kenneth Levy and first learned about adult attachment, reflective function, and personality disorders, ideas that serve my therapeutic work to this day.

I became familiar with the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI) in this lab and developed a scoring system for assessing childhood emotional neglect for my research.  I wrote and defended a masters honor’s thesis looking at childhood trauma and risk and resilience factors in 2007.

Hill Country MHDD

183 Industrial Loop   |    Fredericksburg, Texas   78624

I was a staff therapist from 2007-2009 serving mental health needs for children and adults at a local community mental health clinic in four counties in rural Texas.  It was here that I began to really expand my clinical skills by working with a large number of clients.

I provided 2,000+ hours of direct care while practicing here, in less than two years’ time.  I learned about crisis and risk assessment in this practice and coordinated with local law enforcement, emergency room personnel, and state agencies to obtain needed services for clients requiring inpatient treatment.

St. Edward’s University

3001 South Congress  |   Austin, Texas  78704

I took six graduate classes in the Masters of Counseling (MAC) program at St. Edward’s in 2009.  Years later, I was invited to teach there and I returned to speak on several panels, including a Psychology Majors Future Careers panel; several LPC Supervisor/Student Mixers; several counseling practicum class Q&As; and a post-graduate planning workshop on licensing “To be or not to be dual-track:  LPC/LMFT licensing.”

From 2011-2014, I donated time to help coordinate the annual Practicum and Internship Fair for counseling students in the MAC program.  In 2012, I established a website offering free information about post-graduate planning for counseling students and offered workshops and coaching to assist with this process.

Integral Care

2410 E. Riverside Drive, Suite G-3   |  Austin, Texas   78741

I was a staff therapist and LPC-intern at this Austin-based community mental health clinic from 2009-2011.  I provided advocacy, skills training, resource referral and crisis intervention services to child and teen clients and their families.

I provided over 1,500 hours of care at this clinic during my year-and-a-half tenure with Integral Care.  Once I completed my internship and work with this agency, I launched my private practice, Labyrinth Healing.

EMDR Training with Rick Levinson, LCSW

3839 Bee Cave Road, Suite 202  |  Austin, Texas     78746

I participated in the EMDR basic training with Rick Levinson in 2009, when I was an LPC associate.  I continue to offer EMDR therapy in my practice and mentor several supervisees in using this form of trauma therapy in their work.

I highly recommend Rick’s EMDR training for any Austin therapist.  He offers a reduced tuition for students and nonprofit employees in order to make the training more widely available.

HNK Counseling

950 Westbank Drive #104   |  Austin, Texas   78746

I trained under Cristi Henk, LPC-S in her private practice as an LPC-intern from 2009-2011.  I worked with clients in her private practice alongside my work at Integral Care.  I offered sliding scale counseling to clients and began to practice using EMDR for trauma recovery.

I completed my 3000 hour clinical internship under Cristi’s supervision and began to learn the basics of building a private practice from her.

Sunny Lansdale, PhD

Treaty Oak Psychotherapy  |  5524 Bee Cave Road, Suite A-2  |  Austin, Texas  78748

I participated in Dr. Sunny Lansdale’s trauma study group in 2009 and was first introduced to interpersonal neurobiology and the work of Daniel Siegel, Stephen Porges, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk, Babette Rothschild, Allan Schore, and Bruce Perry.

Sunny’s mentorship in this study group helped me begin to dig deeply into trauma-informed therapy.

Labyrinth Healing

8700 Menchaca Rd. Suite 806   |    Austin, Texas   78748

You are here!  This is my private practice, located in south Austin, which I launched in 2011 after finishing my clinical internship.  From the beginning, I have specialized in EMDR counseling and therapy for codependency, people-pleasing and trauma recovery.  More recently, I have been offering therapy for therapists.

I started publishing a blog for my practice in 2011 and wrote once weekly for three years.  Thousands of visitors go to my site each month to learn more about codependency, trauma, anxious attachment and therapy.  I have been invited to write for various news outlets and online publications and have offered guest posts and commentary for Tamara Suttle’s Private Practice from the Inside OutWorkplace Lab, and Kate Daigle’s private practice (that was a fun one).

Capital Area Counseling

2824 Real Street   |    Austin, Texas   78722

I volunteered as a clinical supervisor at Capital Area Counseling from 2012-2017.  During that time, I donated about 50 hours of my time each year to mentor a newly emerging clinician in the craft of practicing therapy.

Capital Area Counseling offers some of the most affordable counseling in the Austin area.  If you’re interested in services, please know that there is often a wait list, so it is wise to reach out early to get the process started.

Counseling South Austin

8700 Menchaca Rd Suite 806   |  Austin, Texas    78748

In 2014, I launched Counseling South Austin, my sliding scale counseling practice in south Austin staffed by therapists working under my supervision.  Clinically, I work best with counseling interns who are interested in interpersonal neurobiology, attachment-oriented work, and EMDR therapy.

I provide supervision that teaches trauma-sensitive clinical skills and how to build a thriving, cash-pay practice in a competitive market.  My current supervisees include Danielle Knapp, Celia Lugo, and Brianna Ramón.

Stephanie Adams, LPC– MYOB & Beginning Counselor

2501 Parkview Drive  |  Suite 180  |   Fort Worth, TX 76102

In the summer of 2014, I was invited to be a panelist for Stephanie Adams‘ annual online MYOB Practice-Building Conference.  In past years, Stephanie has had Kelly & Miranda of ZynnyMe, Casey Truffo, Jennifer Sneeden and Julie Hanks as panelists for her conference.

I offered a talk called “Fill Your Practice Without a Fight” on how to niche effectively as a clinician and develop a practice using marketing and outreach built on integrity and personal strengths.  I also wrote an ebook on practice-building for the conference that was very well-received.

In 2015, Stephanie and I compiled our resources to develop a new platform to support beginning counselors online.  We offered free videos, webinars, and resources to help counseling students and interns make the most of their internship experience.

Therapy Austin

1415 W. 51st St., #1  |  Austin, Texas    78756

I taught classes at a local sliding scale counseling practice, Therapy Austin, from 2017-2020.  My class offerings included practical strategy on building private practices as well as including teachings on perfectionism, shame, and resilience; destigmatizing personality disorders; and attachment, temperament, and attunement.

Juliane “Jules” Taylor Shore, LPC-S, LMFT-S

IPNB Psychotherapy of Austin  |  4009 Banister Ln. Two Park Place, Suite 330| Austin, Texas 78704

I met Jules when she came to speak at the trauma study group I did in 2009 with Sunny Lansdale.  Since that time, we’ve become close colleagues and dear friends.  For the last eight years, we’ve met twice a month to participate in a listening partnership that helps develop us as clinicians, supervisors, mothers, and human beings.  Jules runs a busy practice in south Austin specializing in couples counseling and trauma recovery.

My partnership with Jules has deeply enriched my therapeutic knowledge about IFS (internal family systems), SE (somatic experiencing), and work with complex, developmental trauma.  Most recently, she has introduced me to Terry Real’s “Relational Life Therapy” model; I have found a home for my feminist principles in his work and have used it to great effect in my therapy with my current clients.

We have worked through Bonnie Badenoch’s Being a Brain-Savvy Therapist workbook together and are now reading her Heart of Trauma together.  Most recently, we hosted a training for supervisors together called “Supervision from the Inside Out.” I am indebted to Jules and how she has helped me grow; she is an incredibly gifted and knowledgeable clinician.

Bonnie Badenoch, PhD

13108 SE Forest Street   |   Vancouver, WA    98683

Although she is not practicing in Austin, I must include Dr. Bonnie Badenoch on this list.  Bonnie has been a key mentor in my development as a therapist.  I first encountered her work in 2012.  She has a gift for synthesizing complex neuroscience into lessons and interventions that are relevant for the practicing clinician while still remaining rooted in the science and research.

Having worked both in the ivory tower of academia (however briefly) and in the trenches of community mental health, I can say that Bonnie truly is a bridge between worlds.  Her most recent book, Heart of Trauma, is a wonderful gift—not just to the therapeutic community, but the world at large.  I have participated in a few therapeutic intensives with Bonnie and completed her IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology) immersion program in 2019.